Why am I not lucky in gambling?

Why am I not lucky in gambling quationsSince more and more people ask themselves 'why am I not lucky in gambling', we would like to give everyone advice. Let us start with the most important fact, no one is lucky all the time nor a single person who always loses.

It is important to know that those who try their luck in any ways of gambling, has 50% of winning and the same for losing. This is why we recommend trying luck with an amount of money that we would not regret gambling. This is an important rule since gambling is just a game so if it is more than just a way of entertainment, it could be risky.

In fact, it is a proven fact that our chances are greater while playing poker if we risk our money with more courage than keeping our money as much as possible. If other players notice how much we try to keep our money, they will make us drop our card and if we raise the bet, they will know that we have good cards.

But this rule applies to slot machines as well. Those players who deposit a little amount of money and try their luck with a higher bet even it it is enough for only a few spins because of the stake. For example, we know a casino player who could afford depositing his casino account with €5000 or even €10,000 but will not do it. Instead, deposits €100, €200 occasionally but plays on a €10 bet which is quite high. Thanks to this, there was an occasion when he achieved €10,000 within 30 minutes. So this player will never ask 'why am I not lucky in gambling' question.

So those who feel unlucky now, might risk huge amounts of money comparing to their budget or if they would add the smaller prizes that has been won, could realize how much cash they could have. This is the second biggest mistake that unlucky players can make. They are insatiable. For instance, we have news about a player who do sports bets who wins every day but at the end of the day he does not withdraw the win because wants even more. This is a big mistake! Smaller wins should be paid out instead of being stubborn because we want more and more prizes.

This is the thing which no one will be lucky without. If we are greedy and always want more and more. We should be happy for smaller wins rather than losing all the time. Those who do not break the rules, will win more times than lose. We recommend following the advice and we guarantee that you will never have to ask 'why am I not lucky in gambling' question.


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