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Sparks slotWhen online slot machines first came out many people had trouble viewing the games. The games would run slowly, freeze often, and the graphics were of poor quality.That has all changed. Lately online slot machines work than, e.g.: Your house is bigger than our house better than the games found in the casinos. Sparks online slot machines has some of the best graphics that a person can find online or even in the casino for that matter. This game also gives the player more chances to win money.

Sparks slot machine has some of the best graphics out of any online slot machine game. Sparks slots is a game that uses brightly colored balls of energy as the icons. The coloring on these energy balls will keep a person's attention. This game allows the player to bet on five reels and three rows at a time. Each spin the player can play one to twenty different lines.

This slot machine game gives the players the option to play in one of two different modes. The first features that a person can play is Win one Way where if the reels were in order they will win the prize. The other options in the Win Both Ways where a player will win on the line if the reels come out forwards or backwards. This allows them two chances to win on the same line. Three are also many wild feathers. Wild substitutions allowed the wild card to stand in place of a winning combination. The Expanding Cloning Wild feature will turn other icons on the screen into wild cards so the player can win some more.

The game has bright and bold colors that will keep the attention of the player. The game play is fun and exciting. The graphics are neon colors including orange, purple, green, and red. There is also music that is catchy that goes along with the game play. There is a feature to shut this music off if a player no longer wants to hear it. In addition to the energy sparks there are other icons that can help a player win some money when playing this slot machine game.

There are brightly colored letters including A, J, K, and Q that stand for these popular royal cards. When the player gets the Wild card which is a W the entire screen will light up with electric bursts. A player can then see the different line combinations that they won on. There is an auto spin features for a player that does not want to have to keep setting their bet. They type in the number of lines they want to play as well as the amount they are betting per line.

This is done once. All the player has to do is hit the circular button and their bet will repeat. Sparks online slot machine game is bright and colorful. There are many features that light up on this game that will keep a person's attention. When a player starts to hit some of the bonuses they will enjoy this game even more.

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