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Book of Stars slot



Play Book of Stars slot It has certainly happened to all casino players that however they tried, couldn't win free spins in case of Book of Ra, Book of Ra Deluxe slot machine or Book of Ra Deluxe 6. Two SCATTERS appeared several times but the most important, the third one didn't want to.

Perhaps this is the reason for launching the new Book of Stars slot which has an additional EXTRA BET feature. This feature gives an additional Wild symbol which is not only substitute for SCATTERS but gives free spins in itself.

Does EXTRA BET FEATURE have to be activated?

Basically it's active but it's worth checking whether EXTRA BET feature is activated or not during the game. Yes, it costs a little more but we recommend trying it. It can be activated or deactivated by clicking on the EXTRA BET symbol next to the Book of Stars title, to the right.

Which is worth playing from now on, Book of Ra Deluxe or Book of Stars slot?

It's a great question. This is considered as a new slot machine so it's worth trying. Of course, it'll never replace Book of Ra or Book of Ra Deluxe which are common in several countries and on the Internet. Despite this, it's a promising and exciting online slot machine.

It's everyone's own choice which one to choose. It can be a great trick if we have no luck with Book of Ra and Book of Ra Deluxe at the online casino, neither Book of Ra 6 to switch to Book of Stars slot machine, obviously.

How many free spins can be won with Book of Stars slot machine?

Like in the previous versions, with the appearance of three SCATTERS or EXTRA BET symbols, 10 free spins can be won complementing with a BONUS symbol. So basically there's just an Extra Bet difference in Book of Stars slot machine comparing to the previous versions.

Book of Stars slot machine has another interesting thing: not three men symbols can reach the highest winning but the women. In fact, there are no men symbols on the reels. However, 5 of them gives a X200 prize. Furthermore, when they all appear during free spins, it's 10X200, so X200 prize, which is clearly a nice winning.


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