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Aliens slotWho isn’t remember the Aliens movie series from the 80’s years? The film, when watching the people scared the intresting voices which found about the films or who play each video games and afraid some places on it. But now we have a great news for the fans. Here is the Aliens video slot machine! Yes, you read this good, slot machine for the fans and the slot machines lovers! Thanks for the NetEnt cooperation and the 20th Century fox. This game is 3D graphics video slot machines which have 3 part of it.

This game have the great enviroment what about we watch the films or video games. This video slot machine have 5-reel, 3-row and 15 payline. We can take a part the feel at 3 level. The first level we can search. This part of the game we must spins for unlcok the next level the Encouter, where the game will get so intresting and become the fight for the more high prizes.

So at first level we got a main line at top, where we must collect the icon and which we get only, when we have a win. It we collect it max and it will released on the next level where we at the Encouter. Here we go to a corridor and we shoot the Aliens and collect the big prizes if we have luck. But here we need the ammo and watch out here, beacuse it’s the hard part of the everything and if we need it to do this level and of course big luck, because we can’t collect any ammo we lose the level and it’s drop down the first level. If we do this level we go to the next level the Hive, where more better prizes wait for us.

We fight the Aliens Queen this level and our ammo is fix and we only with bomb can hit the Queen. So here we need take the most damage to her which is 10 for the high winnings prize. If you like the Aliens we hope you will try it the Aliens video slot machine and will have fun with it.

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