Why wasn’t my deposit successful using Paysafecard?

Paysafecard informationsPaysafecard is a voucher which is accepted at online casinos, among other things. It's good to know that Paysafecard vouchers can be bought almost anywhere in the world, mostly at gas stations and newsagents. However, like all deposit methods, in case of Paysafecard there could be some problems as well. Now in this short article we'll show you reasons why can be our deposit unsuccessful.

Rules related to geographical location:

Unfortunately, we can only use our Paysafecard voucher in the country where we bought it. So let's say we bought a €50 voucher in the UK. This means we can't use it to deposit in Germany. This can cause a problem if we change our IP address frequently because Paysafecard determines our geographical location. However, it can be tricked with this method.

Problems with currency differences:

There are many occasions when we deposit to our balance with euros but the online casino where we want to deposit accepts only pounds. In this case we have to calculate the currency exchange charges when we want to deposit. So it's worth depositing €1-2 less. We can solve the problems of currency differences.

Problems with low balance:

If we want to deposit more money what we planned when buying the voucher but we don't want to make deposit more times, buying more vouchers can be a solution. We can use it during deposit below the Enter code section, then Add additional vouchers. So we don't have to deposit many times to deposit more money at the casino.

Problems caused by slow crediting:

If we did everything well and the sum isn't on our balance, one reason could be the slower crediting. This takes generally 5-10 minutes. However if it takes more time to get the sum it's worth contacting the casino customer service. They'll see about it and help you to get your credit faster.

Technical problems during crediting:

Unfortunately in case of the Paysafecard, though our deposit is successful, yet the sum doesn't appear in the casino system. In this case, you'll get back the money to the Paysafecard balance within max. 3 hours and then we can use it again, of course. Obviously if this occurs more times, you should contact the casino because this can ruin the mood to play.

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