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Almost everyone has already heard about the tragedy of Titanic which James Cameron even made a film about. Unfortunately several people died on that dreadful day of 14th April, 1912 when the enormous cruise, the supposedly unsinkable Titanic sank in the sea. The story is really sad but despite this, we can proudly announce that after the casino version of Titanic slot, the developers created the Titanic slot machine play online. It is immediately available to play with real money by clicking here!

Thanks to this, everyone can experience the life of the Titanic passengers and can be the happy owner of huge wins. To imagine ourselves in the Titanic, during the game a quiet music is playing to give the atmosphere. In fact, in case of a big win, after a little shouting we can hear the Titanic theme song.

How to play Titanic slot machine?

This is good so far. But let us talk about the important things now how to play Titanic slot machine? This might be the most important to know about Titanic slot machine play online. First of all, choosing the most suitable bet. Earlier we have discussed why is it important to choose a good stake. Well, in case of Titanic slot it is even more important since we can lose lots of wins if we do not pay attention.

Useful information about Titanic slot machine:

In case of Titanic slot machine online, when we play the lowest stake, we cannot win the jackpots. To earn them, we have to spin the reels with at least a 0.02 lines bet. To get the TOP jackpot, we have to try luck with a minimum of 0.05 lines bet. In addition, the Mystery Jackpots feature will not be activated with the lowest bet which is quite similar to Koi Princess slot’s random bonus game.

Anyways, those who played jackpot online slots, know that jackpots can be won with the lowest bets. However, jackpots make a jackpot winner with higher bets usually. The higher the bet, the higher the chance of earning the jackpot. We hope you will like Titanic slot machine play onine.


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