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Seasons slotA slot machine which everyone should try. We have admired YGGDRASIL software company before and we need to do this again. They have created a quite interesting online slot machine for the casino players. The SEASONS slot machine offers a never seen before gameplay to anyone. The slot's big advantage is that helps players with not only one kind of WILD symbols but exactly 4 individual WILD symbols.

On this slot machine the WILD symbols appear as the seasons during the game. Imagine it like if you launch SEASONS slot machine at the Winter season, a RABBIT WILD symbol helps us first. However, seasons can be changed anytime after at least 10 spins so we can play a WILD which is connected to another season within a short time. Each WILD symbols belonging to a certain season has their own advantage. This is why it's worth playing till we have tried all WILD symbols related to each seasons. Let's see what WILD symbols can offer during playing. With this, we hope we can help with how to win on SEASONS slot machine.

Seasons slot machine wild symbolsLet's start it with the winter symbol. On SEASONS slot machine the winter, i.e. the rabbit symbol doubles itself after it appears to reach the highest winnings. 2 rabbit symbols achieved during a single spin can be worth a lot. When 3 appears, we will have 5 Wild symbols.

With the spring, i.e. the owl symbol we can win free spins on SEASONS slot till the symbol remains there in the next spin or we get additional owl symbols. Unfortunately this symbol isn't worth coin wins that often.

The summer, i.e. the roe deer symbol is a very precious Wild feature of SEASONS slot machine. When it appears, a WILD symbol can be seen above and below the roe deer WILD and also on its left and right. Thanks to this, 2 roe deer Wild symbols  can be worth record high winnings.

The autumn, i.e. the fox symbol is a useful feature of SEASONS slot machine. Its advantage is that every time when it appears, the win will be multiplied in that current spin. We tell the details about how many fox Wild symbols are worth certain multipliers below.

  • When 1 fox Wild symbol appears, it can be worth at least X2 up to X5 multiplier.
  • If 2 fox Wild symbols appear, it's worth a minimum of X3 a maximum of X6 multiplier.
  • When 3 fox Wild symbols appear, it's worth a minimum of X4 a maximum of X7 multiplier.
  • If 4 fox Wild symbols appear, it's worth a minimum of X5 a maximum of X8 multiplier.
  • If 5 fox Wild symbols appear, it's worth a minimum of X7 a maximum of X10 multiplier.


In fact, it's not over yet since SEASONS slot machine has a FREE SPINS feature as well. These can appear in any seasons and where they appeared, the belonging WILD symbols help us during free spins. So 3 FREE SPINS symbols are worth 7 free rounds, 4 FREE SPINS are worth 15 spins, then 5 FREE SPINS are worth 30 free spins. It's also good to know that when at least 3 additional FREE SPINS symbols appear during free spins, extra free rounds can be won. Have fun with SEASONS slot machine!


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