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Scarface slot machine onlineOne fun slot machine that is going to give you a lot of entertainment and other features is the Scarface slot machine online game. This slot machine is based on the movie released by Universal. It features images and clips from the movie which adds to the enjoyment. The symbols of the Scarface slot machine online game include Tony Montana, an image of man and money, an image of man and a chainsaw, an image of a man and a boat and other images. There are some symbols that take up the whole reel. One symbol is called the nudge wild. It triggers three spins as it shrinks from the reels one by one.

Other symbols include the poker symbols. When the poker symbols and some other symbols match or complete a winning combination, there is an animation of blood and money that occurs on the reels. When the nudge wild is on the reels, it shows a small clip from the film. The game is based around money power and riches. Before playing the game, you are treated to an intro which features the Universal logo outlined in front of a black background. It then shows the trademark of the movie with the globe and the words "The World is Yours" displayed in front of it.

The intro of the Scarface slot machine online game continues with the images as they cover words such as power, money, respect, and other words with images filling the letters. After the show, the logo appears, and then the game begins. Scarface slot machine online game is one of the best efforts put forth by NetEnt. The visuals are somewhat basic. The maximum betting amount is 50 cents for each line. The game features 5 reels and a total of 10 paylines which allows you plenty of chances to win for each spin.


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