2 FREE SPIN symbols give free spin on Nirvana slot machine



Nirvana slotNirvana slot machine is an outstanding slot machine by YGGDRASIL software company. Surprisingly, even 2 FREE SPIN symbols can lead to free spin on Nirvana slot machine. This might be the reason to this slot machine's big fan base. In fact, we don't get these in the usual way so when 2 FREE SPINS symbols appear, we get one of them.

First type is the WILD SEEDS which has the biggest chance of getting the prizes, according to the statistics. However, these wins aren't big usually. With this feature, a random number of WILD symbols appear on reels after the spin.

The second type is the MEGA REEL which provides winnings not even half as regularly as the WILD SEEDS feature. However, the achieved prizes by this type are worth much more than the average. In this case, the same symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. It can possibly happen that the middle three reels are filled with WILD symbols.

The third and last type is the NUDGE REELS which offers prizes more often than MEGA REEL but these winnings are worth less than any two features. However we can win more times with this feature and free spins, too. This is because after our spins reels move that way which is the best for us, to get the highest prizes. So in case of landing two FREE SPINS symbols we get another one and 10 free spins as well.

The best option is when instantly 3 FREE SPIN appear during the game and this can be an advantage. In case of the 10 won free spins by the appearance of 3 FREE SPIN, we can choose which feature we want to use. In addition, if we win additional free spins during the free rounds, this can be added to the already existing features and even all three features can help us during free spins.

It's a fact that it's true in case of Nirvana slot machine that if we know how to win on Nirvana slot, we can surprise ourselves easily with some more money.


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    Did anyone else imagine a small boat with a giant throne making one end of it sink slilhtgy when they read about the Gyptian King? Because I did. And that would be awesome. I am now.


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