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Mega Fortune Dreams slotThose who like jackpot slot machines, surely know Mega Fortune or Mega Fortune Dreams slots. These are the online slots which offer record high jackpots for casino players. It's ought to know that these two slot machines are not identical. Though the gameplay is similar but we need to admit that Mega Fortune Dreams slot is much better-in our opinion.

This is not just because it's newer than its previous version, but it's a proven fact that our chances of winning are higher with this slot machine. It's enough to take a look at the paytable and we can immediately see that everyone needs to try luck with this slot machine, absolutely. Let's see what it's exactly like.

Three Wild symbols give re-spins on Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine!

Mega Fortune Dreams free spinThis might be one of the most interesting in case of Mega Fortune Dreams slot. In order to win re-spins, only 3 Wild symbols are enough and they can appear anywhere on the reels. In fact, we have heard that a lucky player won 4 Wild symbols with a single spin and they automatically activate the re-spin feature and got an extra Wild symbol. Thanks to this, the player got the coin win for 4 Wilds and then got the prize for 5, too.

20 free spins can be won with a high multiplier on Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine!

Mega Fortune DreamsMany casino players would never think that even 20 free spins can be won with incredibly high multipliers in case of Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine. To get it, not only the ordinary 3 but 5 SCATTER symbols need to appear but there's hope for anyone. Don't worry if only 3 SCATTERS appear and it's only enough to activate free spins because in this case we win 10 free spins. If 4 SCATTERS appear, our prize will be 15 free spins, obviously.

Multipliers are increasing in all cases with the appearance of new SCATTER symbols during free spins. So basically all free spins come with a X3 multiplier. However, when a SCATTER appears during free spins, it gives a multiplier or extra free spin.

Three BONUS symbols can be worth millions of Euros on Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine!

Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot gameThere is no need to gain a specific knowledge, only a big luck and anyone can be a euro millionaire. There is only one thing needed to it: BONUS symbols need to appear on the last three reels because after that, we can enter to the bonus game where we can obtain Rapid, Major jackpot and even the incredibly high Mega Fortune Dreams MEGA jackpot which can be worth millions of euros.

As we have mentioned, there's no problem when we can't grab the jackpot because sometimes MAJOR jackpot is worth thousands of euros which can be a great sum for anyone. In addition, it's good to know that any jackpot can be won with any bet on Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine. So, as it happened many times before, even the lowest, €0.20 bet can help us winning the jackpot and change the life in a blink of an eye.


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