#1 Top Kronos slot machine tips

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How to win on Kronos slot machine?

WMS Kronos slot machine tipsThere are more ways to win a lot of money on WMS Kronos slot machine. First, there are the instant wins, in addition, there are the wins that can be obtained during free spins. In point of instant wins, Kronos symbols are worth the most which we have a better chance to get in free spins. The main goal should be to be able to activate the free spins feature on Kronos slot machine. For this, 3 or more SCATTER symbols should appear on the reels.

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Which stake to play on Kronos slot machine?

Like on all slot machines, we think finding the most suitable bet is essential. This is because the biggest mistakes can be made at this point. However, if you follow our Kronos slot machine tips, we are sure that you will have a lesser chance of making a mistake.

First of all, we should not play with only one bet. Experienced casino players already know that when is it time to increase or decrease the bet. In fact, they also know that when to stop playing a certain slot machine. There are players who believe that we should play Kronos slot machine with a high stake from the beginning. This is usually €5, €10 or €20. We believe that a lower stake will be good especially if we have not played Kronos slot machine before.

But of course not the lowest bet! No one should play with the lowest stake! Let us say, we can start with a €0.60 bet but we should increase that continuously. So, for instance, play a few spins with this bet and then increase the stake. However, when we feel the bet is good because we get many free spins or wins, we should stick to it. Stay with this while we are able to win.

How to win free spins on Kronos slot machine?

There is no 100% sure tip. But we can give a valuable advice. For example, sometimes it is worth stopping the reels automatically. Interestingly many casino players told us about that they cannot win free spins with a normal spin either on Kronos slot machine but when they stopped the reels automatically, they succeeded immediately. To use this feature, we only need to click the spin button twice.

What do you think of our Kronos slot machine tips?

What do you think, are our Kronos slot machine tips are good or not? We would like to ask you to give a short feedback about it. If you got a big win by using these tips, share your story with us! Good luck! 😀


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