A woman won $2,005,393 jackpot on Wheel of Fortune slot machine!

Jackpot Wheel of Fortune slotThough the player asked to remain nameless, there are some things we know: the winner is an elder lady who lives in Greektown. She played Wheel of Fortune slot machine on a $1.25 bet in total when she grabbed the huge jackpot which is worth more than 2 millions of dollars. According to her, she did not know what is happening since she saw the notice about the win but suddenly everything went black. She thought she maybe tilted the slot machine and did not win this much at all.

Later it was revealed that she won the $2,005,393.95 jackpot on the popular Wheel of Fortune slot machine. For those who do not know that, Wheel of Fortune is an excessively popular slot machine around the world. It is surely successful because it has more available versions on the internet as well. Among others, here is Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot machine which is similar to the original Wheel of Fortune slot machine since it offers a great entertainment for anyone.

This is why we suggest that everyone should absolutely try it at casinos and the online version, too. Then everyone has the right to decide which is the better. For everyone’s interest, on the online Wheel of Fortune slot machine some extremely high jackpots has been won. The last lucky player won $1,700,000.

As it can be seen, anyone, anytime can get rich with the help of online slot machine. So do not give up, keep on trying till our moment comes when everything changes. This is the big advantage of jackpot slots. A single spin may be enough to win the jackpot. In fact, we know a case when the lucky player won the jackpot on the lowest stake. It is a fact, of course that the higher the bet, the higher the chance of winning the jackpot. This is why it is worth sometimes taking a risk and play with a higher bet to try our luck to see if our moment has come.


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