How to win with casino bonuses?

How to win with casino bonusesSince new online slot machines are released almost every day, tons of casino bonuses are waiting for casino players. However, those who don't know how to win casino bonuses, probably will have a bad opinion about bonuses. Though if we would know how to win with casino bonuses, our chances will be greater to win.

Casino bonus types:

How to win on no deposit casino bonuses?First of all, we need to make it clear what type of casino bonuses are available for players. We need to clarify this because many people make a mistake while they claim the bonus. Deposit bonus and no deposit bonus are not identical. They should be used with a whole different strategy.

So, to the question of how to win with deposit casino bonuses and how to win with no deposit casino bonuses, we can't answer. However, we will basically show how to win casino bonuses.

Casino bonus conditions:

It applies to all casino bonuses that they become a prize that can be requested after the fulfillment of conditions. For instance, if we have a €10 casino bonus and according to the regulation, we need to spin X50, so we need to play 50X10, €500 in total. This doesn't mean that we need to have this sum on our balance but we have spun this amount altogether.

So let's say we have won €350 from €10, then we only need to spin in a value of €150. It follows that if we subtract €150 from €350, we will surely win €200 if we keep on playing to fulfill the conditions and have no luck. However, we need to add that when we reach this point, according to statistics, we have 90% chance of winning further prizes.

Which casino bonus to choose?

Obviously the better the casino bonus if the spinning conditions are lower. Normally each bonuses have X30 or X50 spinning conditions. Well, in case of no deposit bonuses, an X100 condition is common as well. This is right because in this case the players use the casino's money with no risk.

This is why it's very important to be aware every time before claiming a casino bonus. Let's just look up and read the conditions of using the bonus. Just to not cause any inconvenience in the future. In order to help you choose one, we have collected casino bonuses that are good in our opinion. They are available by clicking here.


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