How to use Paysafecard to deposit money at casinos?

Paysafecard is a popular online method of payment. We would like to explain how to use paysafeard. Its success is that more and more casinos offer that as a method of payment. Among others, the EnergyCasino gives 10 free spins with no deposit to every new signed up players. If you are interested, this opportunity can be used by clicking here.

How to use Paysafecard?

How to use paysafecardBuying and using the paysafecard voucher is very easy. First of all, let us find the nearest shop or tobacco shop where we can buy a paysafecard voucher. It is important to know that we can use the voucher up in the country where we bought it. So, let us say, we cannot pay in Italy with a voucher we bought in the United Kingdom.

After this we get a receipt with a sequence of 16 numbers. We need to keep it since this is what we can deposit at the casino with. Next, let us visit the online casino that we have chosen and find the deposit menu. Then choose the paysafecard from the list and click on the deposit button.

Next, we should enter the desired amount and then click on the OK button. Important! We must check if the popups are blocked since we might not continue the depositing. If they are not, we will see a popup window where they will need those 16 numbers. We should write it to the corresponding place. In case of certain online casinos, like at EnergyCasino, we can choose the bonus here as well.

If we are done, let us click on the Deposit button. If we did everything well, the casino will redirect us to a page which says your transacion was successful. Unfortunately, it happens sometimes that the depositing fails. In this case sometimes it is enough to start it over. In some cases we need to wait 3-4 hours with another try since the transaction is not yet completed.

There is no need to worry. Paysafecard is a trusted tool and the amount for playing will surely be credited. We have not heard about that anyone could not top up the account in any ways with paysafecard. We hope it is clear how to use paysafecard.


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