How to play the hungarian Super Dice online slot machine?

Super Dice slot machineThe Super Dice slot is a 3-line, 3-reels and 9 payline online slot machine. You should know that a popular slot machine the hungarian casino players. Hungary used to be almost every pub had been found on at least one checkered slot. The guest bought a pint of beer and then tried their luck in the Super Dice slot machine.

The players will delight it occurred more than once that the remaining approximately from € 0.20 to € 200-300 prize was born. This is due, for the management of slot machine the Super Dice is very simple. It does not require special knowledge and drunken man was able to play with him and thus also to win.

The deposit will only have to press the spin button after setting the stakes. Then the wheels start turning three. It is possible that a single spin winnings are born, but if it is not the slot machine will keep the two biggest jackpots available at any symbol and money, but also we can re-spin. However, if you do not want, or do other symbols we see a greater chance you can simply delete them by pressing down the HOLD button beneath the wheels.




Super Dice slot symbol for reaching most of the three hours, because it means the jackpot, which is the average distance of 200. The following symbols representing greater value to 7x, 25x, yet the only wine 20x is the jackpots. Interestingly the slot machine to cherry symbol representing the lowest value reaches 3x jackpots.

The real excitement will begin with a single spin or with the hold 3 dice symbols are obtained. On the right side you can see the dice begin to spin, which can be up to 6 free spins with a guaranteed prize pool. In addition, if you are lucky and X2 lamp being flashed the dice, it has experienced during the free spins all winnings will be doubled.

In fact it was already a fact that the X2 lights flashed while winning the jackpot symbol acquired three hours, so the winner of the aforementioned is not 200, but 400 prize pool ownership of the means of knowledge.

Overall, an excellent Super Dice casino game and are now a number of casino players delight accessible and playable online desktop and mobile versions. Everyone is highly recommended to try out as before.

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