How to play the hungarian Multi Dice online slot machine?

Multi Dice slotThe Multi Dice slot machine we can say that an improved version of the popular Super Dice slot machine. The predecessor of the Super Dice Double Dice slot machine. Each slot machine offering unique feature of the three dice advent of free spins feature can be started with guaranteed payouts. However, even with the Multi Dice slot and up to 6 free spins can be won, while the Multi Dice 30-40 or even more than one.

In addition, the Multi Dice slot machine is not only up to a factor of X2, X5 winnings but can also be a factor with. This can become active if winning-wheels the dice symbols are displayed. In this case, is not it, than for the other checkered slot on the right dice begin to spin, press the spin button that you can be. This determines the number of free spins won a guaranteed prize money. This may be up to 6, and in the worst case 1.




However, we will not be disheartened if we are going ones, because it is possible that the only spin again won three dice appears on the reels, so scrolling the dice again. It may be that these spins have been 4, 5, or 6 will be. Once we found out how many we have won a free ride, wait a minute flickers to below the visible red dice buttons. Indeed, it has been determined by the free multiplier circuits.

You should know that he won during the free spins multiplier of free spins constantly re-grow. So whether you reach a maximum X5 multiplier as well. But if we look a little better, we see the prize table to even the smallest lice cherry symbol over less-traveled X3, which has an X15 prize multiplier. However, a maximum of three hours multiplier symbol win the jackpot, which is worth X200 prize pool event, but additional multiplier has been X1000 X5 evening. Therefore we must admit it is a bit more rare, but can happen. But let's say the rankings after the clock symbol 7 next x25 which was worth the maximum amount you can win with odds of nice little kitchen.

Those who tried his luck Multi Dice slots will give you a piece of advice. Never give up! It may be difficult to win free spins, but as soon as we have, it is worth a record prize.

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