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Great Zeus slot online



Those who are familiar with the earlier versions of Zeus slot machines, they know  what these fantastic casino games are capable of. In fact, we gladly announce that the Great Zeus slot machine online is also available from now on. So those who are looking for it, are in the best place since after a short registration by clicking here, the testing of the new Great Zeus slot machine online can be started. If some more information is needed, this is also the right place since we are going to show you the advantages of the slot.

How to win free spins with Great Zeus slot machine?

Great slot machine online with free spins3 SCATTER symbols needed just like in the other versions. This is worth 10 free spins but unfortunately, unlike on the first Zeus slot machine, 5 SCATTER symbols are not worth 100 but only 25 free spins. Of course we do not need to be disappointed since despite this, Great Zeus slot machine online provide extremely big wins. When 5 SCATTER symbols appear, we win X100 of our stake along with 25 free spins.

Why is it worth try our luck with Great Zeus slot online version?

The big advantage of Great Zeus slot machine is that during free spins, additional free spins can be won when the SCATTER symbol appears. Other than this, still in the free spins feature, when the red Zeus symbol appears on the 5th reel, we get additional Zeus symbols to the free spins. Thanks to this, the reels can be covered with excessively much Zeus symbols in a short time. This is how we can have bigger chances of winning an exceptionally high prize.

Why is it worth playing the highest stake on Great Zeus slot machine?

Who would not want to win loads of money? To achieve this, taking some risk and trying luck with the highest bet possible is essential on Great Zeus slot machine online version. Those who dare to try it, we tell that the chances of winning free spins are much higher with the maximum bet. In fact, to help you, there is an opportunity to try Great Zeus slot machine online with €100.


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