Free Direct Download Movies Full Divx Dvd Movies

Free Direct Download Movies Full Divx Dvd Movies

Cinematography had, perhaps, of all the artistic forms, the fastest ascending trajectory and, referring to our days, we can affirm with certainty that the transformation process continues with the same astonishing speed. Technology has also advanced a lot, a good example is the direct search for new movies released on the Internet using search engines, watching and downloading them directly on your favorite device, top horror, thriller and action movies, in Full Divx or Dvd format, this can be done for free by any logged in user. Over the centuries, people experimented with two of the devices (techniques) that would later become key elements of cinema: projecting images with the help of light (using "camera obscura" and "magic lantern") and creating the illusion of movement by exploiting the optical phenomenon called "vision persistence". The latter refers to the ability of the human brain to retain for a tenth of a second the last image projected on the retina of the eye. A film is actually created from thousands of individual photographs that follow each other in a natural order, and between each of these there is a break, but the human eye is "fooled" by the optical illusion of continuity. Although the cinema screen seems to be permanently lit, almost half of the time it is dark. The image gives the impression that it trembles under our gaze, or at least that's what happens in the pioneering days of cinema, nowadays the speed of projecting images even reaches 30 frames per second. The discovery and development of these mechanisms took place along a gradual process and involved a number of inventors from Europe, Great Britain and America, who worked since 1860 on a series of projects with varying degrees of success. They are making machines for the projection of images with a fast movement. George Eastman, the American founder of Eastman Kodak, Hannibal Goodwin and William Friese Greene all contributed prototypes for animated films. But the beginnings of the pact with the imagination must be sought thousands of years ago...
The principles and elements that are today the basis of such complicated and advanced processes constituted primitive forms of entertainment that sometimes cast doubt on the authenticity of discoveries considered to be new in the century... of "post-speed". The Egyptians and Babylonians had discovered light and shadow, as well as ways of "artistic exploitation" of them 5000 years ago. Theater plays with shadows and mirrors represented common means of entertainment for the distant Eastern civilization, and in China, during the Chou dynasty (1100 BC), scrolls were made, which, when scrolled quickly, show the successive phases of the same gesture .

Free Direct Download Movies Full Divx Dvd Movies
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