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Evolution slot machineThe Evolution slot machine game will allow a person to have the same casino fun without having to leave their home. This game will allow a person to bet real money with the real chance of winning money. The Evolution slot game has the same great graphics that a person would expect to see in a casino slot machine game.

Evolution slot has a science based theme. This casino game will not only entertain a player, they will learn a little bit about science as well. Some of the symbols in this game include prehistoric snails, whales, and even simple one cell organisms. These symbols all have different values but the player can still win money.

This slot machine game has some special features as well. A person can turn on the background noise and hear sounds including that of a water. That is not all this game play has to offer. If a player is lucky enough to get three scatter symbols they can win some nice amounts of money. Each of the scatter symbols will activate the game’s multiplier. With this the player has a chance of winning even more money.

This game may be simple in historical content but is anything but simple in the amount of money that a person can win. There is even an auto spin feature so a player can repeat their previous bet with no problems. There are 25 different lines that a player can bet on. The more lines are player is willing to bet on the greater the chances they have at winning. There are different game settings that a player can use to make their ideal game play and set the correct options for them. This game will allow a player to enjoy the casino fun without having to leave their home.


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