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Dazzle Me slot machineGoing to the casino can be a hassle. Many people do not live near the casino and have to travel hours to play the slot machine game that they like. Other people may not be able to get on the slot machine game of their choice. Other people can be on all the good machines. Now a player does not have to leave their home to enjoy all the slot machine fun.

Dazzle Me slot is a popular online slot machine game. This game offers colorful graphics and all the casino fun a person can have without having to leave home. This game also gives the player the chance to win some moneyall without having to step outside. The Dazzle Me slot machine game is bright and colorful. The player has to try to get combinations of colorful shapes in a row. There is a green circle, blue diamond, red octagon, purple rectangle , and orange bells to indicate that a person has won a big prize. If a player gets these three bells.

Another symbol that the players wants to try to get are the 7s to indicate a big win. If a player gets five of the free spins Dazzling Wild Reels in a row they can activate the free spin features for a chance to win even more money. There are also some special bonus features this game has to offer. If a player activates this feature they can win up to 152,000 coins per in a spin. The amount of money a player will win will depend on the amount of money they bet. Of course the more money a person is willing to risk the more money they have the chance of winning.

Dazzle Me slot machine allows a person to bet on over 70 different line combinations per spin. A player can start at level one and work their way up. The higher the level they reach the bigger the prizes. If a player wants to play the max bet all they have to do is hit the max bet button and they will be set. Auto play will allow the reels to spin and to stop on their own. The circular button in the middle will allow the player to start the reels spinning and allow them to stop on their won.

Before playing the Dazzle Me Slot machine game for money the players can try the free play feature. This will allow them to get a feel for the game and get to know the symbols before they start risking their own money. Once a player is comfortable with the game they can start to play for real money and the real chance of winning big.
The online slot machine game Dazzle Me slot gives a player the chance to win big money from their own home. These graphics are just as good as any casino game. Many players report they feel they have a better chance of winning at home then when playing at the casino. For a more comprehensive review of Dazzle Me, check out rightcasino's game review.

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