A lucky player won $933,080 jackpot on an airport slot machine!

Wheel of Fortune jackpot wonWe think there is nothing that could be more boring than sitting in the terminal, waiting for the plane to take off. Probably this was the reason of creating airport casinos where we can play airport slot machines among other things. Anyone, anytime can try their luck while waiting. In fact, the waiting time will seem much shorter. In addition, those who played at the right moment with their favorite slot machine, were in a great mood when they get on the plane. This happened to the casino player who played his favorite slot machine at the perfect moment and thanks to this, he won a huge jackpot prize.

The lucky player was playing Wheel of Fortune airport slot machine when he saw he got the nearly $100,000,000 jackpot. It should be noted that several players won the jackpot on Wheel of Fortune slot machine. In an earlier article, we also introduced a lucky woman who won $2,000,000 on Wheel of Fortune slot machine. We can state that they were at the right place at the right time. But it is also a fact that those who do not play will not succeed.

For your interest, we need to mention that Wheel of Fortune slot machine has several versions that are available on the internet, too. Here is Wheel of Fortune on Tour slot machine, for instance, which is not only an airport slot machine but is available on mobile as well. So it is not needed to go to airport casino to try luck. In fact, at the mobile online casinos record high jackpots are also available.

For example, here is the popular Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine on which a lucky casino player won the jackpot worth €5,000,000. But if someone better likes the original Mega Fortune slot machine, they can find huge jackpot prizes at mobile online casinos. We only need to take our phones out and we find ourselves in a world full of adventures where anyone, anytime has the chance of winning millions of dollars or euros worth jackpots. Another great advantage is that there is no need to play for a long time to get a higher jackpot.


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