Why are online gambling sites blocked?

Online gambling can be declared the next generation of gambling without hesitation. Who would've thought 10 years before that we'll have the chance to try luck via internet thanks to the quick development of the IT. Although it's a fact that in several countries, such as USA, they are trying to ban this form of gambling but they have to realize that this progress can't be stopped.

Anyways, those who are interested, they'll find a way to avoid the blocking of gambling websites, also known as the online censorship. There will be always companies who serve these players. The biggest problem with this current situation is that this leaves room for unreliable casinos, too. We think it shouldn't be banned but find a solution to the controlled operation of online gambling. What the Hungarian government is doing is not the solution either. They want to block and persecute all other market players to focus only on the national online sports betting site.

The solution could be that the bigger, reliably operated online casinos are given permits. The most interesting thing is that online casinos in Europe have already a permission to operate and this applies to Hungary as well. In the UK, some reliable casinos e.g. Unibet and Energy casino has got license to operate. So there the people of the government don't want to persecute or block but find a solution to this problem. Those casinos which took it seriously, can accept players in the United Kingdom.

We just can't understand why other countries are not capable of following this method. Unfortunately, it has to be conceded that in many cases, the wrong decision comes from the greediness of the government's players. It's obvious that like in all gambling, there are a lot of money in online gambling, too. That's why they want this field for themselves.

In case of Hungary, besides the online sports betting site, another 2 online casino has the permission because of the friendship with the government. One of the winners is the popular yet more and more hated Andy Vajna film producer.

What's Mr. Andy's next step? Is he willing to sit down and talk with an existing online casino and share the revenues or thinking about developing a brand new interface in Hungarian? We have to tell that launching a whole new casino costs much money and time. However, if he would share the revenues of an existing online casino, this one could be the Unibet casino.

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