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The Mummy slotMany people are fans of the movie The Mummy. Now there is a new way to bring the excitement of this movie into their home. The Mummy slot machine is a new video slot that can be played over the internet. A person can sit back at their home computer and try to win some money off of this mummy slot game.

There are two different options to play for the Mummy Game. There is the original Mummy slot machine game and when a person plays enough they can unlock the Mummy Hunt Bonus for a chance to win even more money. There are many interesting graphics on the game as well as pictures from the movie. A person can play up to 25 different lines at a time to increase their chances of winning.

If a person gets certain symbols in a row they can win some great prizes. There are some bonuses including free spins, expanding mummy bonus, the scatter attack, mummy power, scorpion scatter, and a symbol for a free game. If a person has to try to get other symbols to appear on the board to win. If they are able to get five symbols they can win some of the top prizes. If the creepy Mummy symbol appears it is wild. There are also symbols representing Brandon Fraiser, the Rock, and other characters from the movie. There is a Mummy scatter symbols as well as various jewels that stand for different prize amounts.

This game has all a person’s favorite characters from The Mummy. The graphics on the game are top of the line and feature pictures from the movie as well as some colorful jewels. A person can sit back and play The Mummy slot machine game at home and have the chance to win a nice amount of money.

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