Someone has stolen a lucky player’s winning!

Hacker attackOne of the players of Bet365 online casino won $270 from $10. This would not be a problem in itself. As he did so earlier, requested his winning to his Skrill account which he had used many times before. Then the day after he even got an e-mail about the receipt of the prize.

He thought he is going to take a shower, then later, using his Skrill card, go to an ATM and withdraw his prize. However, after the shower, he was very surprised because as he read, the entire sum on his Skrill account was transferred to another Skrill account. Since he did not initiate the transfer, it was clear that he has been attacked by a hacker.

He instantly contacted the bank and requested an immediate action. They blocked his account right away and started the procedure in order to investigate the case. This is a very sad story but as it was revealed later, the player made a huge mistake. The problem could have been solved if they make his account more secure.

Skrill Security Token useThere are still Skrill users who have not activated the 2-factor authentication. The problem with this is, without the identification someone can log in to the account and initiate a transfer anywhere only by knowing the password. This is what happened in this case.

Setting the 2-factor authentication is not a big deal. After logging in, at the Account Settings menu, we need to set the 2-factor authentication security. Then, after every logins and given passwords, we get a code to our phone which we have to type to the corresponding place.

In fact, those who set this, get a 100% money back guarantee from Skrill. We think those people are very irresponsible who do not protect their account from an incidental hacker attack. It is worth it because the mentioned player still have not got his winning back. However, we are sure that Skrill would do as much as possible in order to protect their customers' money.


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