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Pirates Gold slotThere are a variety of slot machine games that a person can play online from their own home. They have a chance to win some money. The graphics on the slot machines are just as good as those at the casino if not better. Pirates Gold slot machine game offers the chance to win a lot of treasure.

Pirates Gold slot has five different reels. A person can bet as little as one coin per reel. The more a player bets the more money they will win. There is a bonus round on this game where the player has the chance to win a lot of money. They can win 10, 50, or up to 100 times the amount of their bet on the bonus line. The bonus game allows the player the chance to sink the enemies’ ship with a cannon. This will allow them to collect the treasure. During the bonus round if a person gets the golden ship they get to move onto a second bonus game for the chance at winning even more.

Pirates Gold features all the icons a person would expect in a pirate themed game. There is the cross and bone black flag, swords, talking parrots, and of course jewels. There are also cannons, sea shells , and icons of pirates. Of course there is also a treasure chest icon.

There are features that allow a player to customize the game play to their liking. There is an auto play features so a person does not even have to hit any buttons. The player can turn the sound on or off and even speed up the game play. If a player hits the spin button it will repeat their last bet. Pirates Gold allows the place the chance to hit some gold and win some treasure in the bonus games.

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